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Routs to Terskey Ala-Too

Route 1

From Karakol gorge to Arashan gorge through Ala-Kul pass (3860 m) along the north shore of the Ala-Kul Lake.

If you have this route you would have opportunity to get acquainted with hot mineral springs Altyn-Arashan and spend the night at the Ala-Kul Lake, observe sunset and sunrise in the mountains at the altitude about 4000 m and admire Karakol waterfall.
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Route 2

From Djety-Oguz gorge to Arashan gorge through Telety (3740 m) and Ala-Kul (3860 m) passes and then Karakol gorge.

While hiking you could observe picturesque Karakol and Telety gorges, mountain lake of Ala-Kul at the attitude of 3600 m as well as admire the sight of the highest peaks of Terskey Ala-Too - peaks of Jigit, Karakol and Oguz-Bashy.
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Route 3

From Chon-Kyzyl-Suu gorge to Altyn-Arashan gorge through passes of Archa-Tor (3910 m), Telety (3740 m) and Ala-Kul (3860 m).

If you take this route you could go through picturesque gorges of Jety-Oguz, Asan-Tukum, Archa-Tor, Kashka-Tor, Chon-Kyzyl-Suu, Karakol and Arashan.
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Route 4

Tourists begin this route from the north branches of Terskey Ala-Too range covered with spruce and archa forests and then descend to the valleys of the Jergalan, Tup and Sary-Jaz.

Due to unique and majestic sights of the Central Tyan-Shan you would get ineffaceable impression from the time spend here.
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Routs to Inylchek

Route 5

Trek to the Mertsbaher Lake.

This program comprises mountain trek and car traveling that allows studying the vast territory of the Central and East Kyrgyzstan.
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